Moments That Matter

By:  Hannah Roebuck, Owner of WanderBloom Films

As a wedding videographer I’ve seen it all, the good, the bad, the happy tears, and the ugly ones. I’ve seen brides who don’t have a care in the world and I’ve seen ones who go ballistic over the wrong font size on their napkins.

Far too often I’ve experienced the latter of the two; over-analyzing and over researching every single detail down to the size of the candles on the reception table, or what kind of gift they are giving to their groomsmen. While these details are important they aren’t important enough to suck the fun out of your engagement season or create a stressful wedding day.

A year after receiving their wedding videos from me, brides aren’t thanking me for documenting the size of their candles or the font on their napkins. They are thanking me for documenting the look on their grooms face when he sees his soon to be wife walking down the aisle toward him, their shaky voices as they vow to love one another, the way they look at each other as they share their first dance, their friends and family coming together in celebration, and their father crying happy tears as he gives his daughter away. These are the moments that they remember and the ones that truly mean the most in the long haul because 10 years from now are you really going to remember how big the ribbon on the back of your chair was?

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